Wallbok keywatt


Discover IES Wallbox design,
charging EVs in less than 1 hour

Our innovative KEYWATT technology
at the core of today’s most compact fast charging solutions



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Combo, CHAdeMO & GB
certified chargers

A full range of DC fast external
battery charging solutions
compatible with all EVs


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On-board chargers
for industrial vehicles
and light EVs

ELIPS & CHARIS technologies providing
enhanced durability in harsh environments


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Mobile DC fast chargers for use
in car dealerships, R&D labs
and EV car manufacturing lines

Easy to move, easy to connect,
either for Combo, CHAdeMO & GB standards,
discover the Trolley or Cube products from IES


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IES is a leading designer and manufacturer of fast charging solutions for the Electric Vehicle market. We provide on-board and external battery charging solutions for the consumer and industrial EV markets. Based on our unique proprietary high frequency KEYWATT and ELIPS technologies, our solutions offer new answers to the electromobility challenge, providing compact and durable products for use in any outside environment.


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