Discover Wallbox
and the charging stations
with connected services

Our innovative Keywatt technology
at the core of these two new ranges
of today’s most compact fast chargers for EV’s

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Combo & CHAdeMO
certified chargers
for electric vehicles

A full range of onboard and external
battery charging solutions
with compact and lightweight designs.

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Compact and fast
onboard chargers
for electric vehicles

Elips & Charis series with special emphasis
on harsh environment (water, dust, heat, acids).

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fast chargers for
industrial environment

Fast and semi-fast trolley,
big stations or modular.
Fully compliant with ChadeMO, Combo1 and 2 standards.

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IES is a leading designer and manufacturer of power conversion solutions for the Electric Vehicle market.
We provide onboard and external battery charging solutions for the consumer and industrial EV markets based on our unique proprietary high frequency switching technology and compact, lightweight designs for harsh and industrial environments.

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