Destination charging


Charging in 1 hour, while shopping, going to the restaurant or watching a movie, has never been so easy. With its 24kW DC Wallbox, IES reinvents the way to charge.


For Destination:

Ideal with its 22/24kW power charging all electric cars on the market, installed in less than two hours on a wall or a pedestal, at a fraction of the cost of a 50kW station, the IES multi-standard wallbox DC, unique on the market, will change the way we charge our cars. Very easy and cost effective to install, with a low power subscription fee, fast charging is now affordable for restaurants, shopping centers, movie theaters, parking lots or any shared buildings in urban areas.

Destination 1

Multi standard

Discover our short introduction video on our new wallbox for destination 


For Public Stations:

IES also provide to charger integrators a complete 50kW charging power module, coming with all charging protocols and interfaces for an easy integration into public station.  Built with all the KEYWATT technology features & values, this is a perfect solution to enable fast public chargers with high quality, durability and compacity.

Destination 2

TOWER DC1 low res











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