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From start of design, to production, sales in dealerships, and maintenance in service centers, IES chargers support many car makers to deploy EVs on the market.


For R&D Labs:

DC mobile solutions, either Trolley or Cube, are ideal to test new EV in development with all charging protocols within the same unit. Thanks to their Harting connector, cable and protocol can be changed in matter of minutes.

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For factories:

IES Cube, rated at 50kW, is perfect for charging cars at the end of the manufacturing lines. Mobile, providing fast charging,  it can be easily moved around in the shop floors and different manufacturing lines.








For car dealerships:

Our 19kW or 24kW DC Wallbox are perfect for use in dealership. Easy to install (on a wall) or easy to move (on wheels), they find their places in the shop, making sure EVs are always charged and ready to be tested by new consumers.

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For Service centers:

Our 50kW Cube is ideal in a Service Center environment. Easy to move, it will be available anywhere in the shopfloor to make sure EVs under repair will be fully charged before returning to its happy driver.

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