Shared Transportation


Answering the strong movement towards green energy in our cities, IES offers efficient and dependable charging solutions for all forms of public and shared transportation.


For Taxi, utility fleet & car sharing:

Either with a 24kW wallbox, or in the form of a 50kW power module for integration into charging station, IES KEYWATT technology is available to ease the recharge of taxi or car sharing vehicles. Thanks to its unique design without the use of any air filter, able to provide full power charging 24hours a day in all weather conditions, IES chargers will secure high service operation for public and shared car transportation.


Solution for taxi


For bus depot:

Thanks to its output of 50kW in Combo 2, able to be coupled up to three units for a cumulated power of 150kW, the new Bus charging station from IES has been designed to provide maximum flexibility for charging at the depot. Thanks to one of the smallest footprint on the market and its capabilities to be put against a wall, the implantation in depot has been greatly optimized. Based on the KEYWATT technology and its hermetic design without any air filter, its durability and maintenance have been maximized. Connected via OCPP1.6, its smart charging capabilities allow to optimize energy usage at depot level during the night. 

Bus pic

borne_bus_front_360_v2_0112 (2)



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