Golf carts and NEV

  Voitures golf loisirs

Golf course managers and electric vehicle manufacturers have the same constant issues: making sure that their cars are ready at all times. And batteries need to be recharged perfectly in order to ensure the longest possible life expectancy.

IES offers a wide range of chargers that can be integrated directly inside electric cars of all kinds to handle recharging efficiently over the long-run.

Self-adapting charging profiles

Whatever batteries you are using, open lead, sealed or AGM batteries, IES charging profiles adapt automatically to battery type, regardless how old or discharged the battery may be.
The charging program uses an exclusive method for calculating overcharge current, as well as its duration. This ensures optimal battery charging without overheating.

With the IES charging program, partial charges and topping off are a non issue.

IES offers several product lines to meet the needs of your application:




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