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IES compact public charging stations for electric vehicles.

Combo(70px)CHAdeMO(50px)For use in cities or within private or commercial facilities, our KEYWATT stations can deliver up to 65 kW of power for very fast charging.

Either in fixed or mobile format, our fast chargers are compatible with Combo, CHAdemO and GB protocols. The proprietary high frequency technology from IES reduces significantly – for the same power – the size and the cost of the charger. 

Ranging from 24 to 65 kW, KEYWATT chargers provide lightweight and compact solutions, with state-of-the-art power/volume ratio and energy efficiency (96%). This compactness optimizes also the cost of installation. For instance, our 24kW wallbox can be installed in a 2-hour record time, and does not need any heavy infrastructure ground work.

A protected electronic, increasing reliability

One of the key principles offered by our KEYWATT technology is to isolate the power electronics from external air used for ventilation. This technique keeps the electronic boards and their components protected from outside air carrying dust and humidity, thus enhancing greatly their reliability. Our KEYWATT chargers do not come with any filter, reducing frequent inspection for filter replacement.

ImpressionExternal cargers

Some technical specifications ?

Standards: comply with COMBO, CHAdeMO and GB
Power output: 
24 to 65 kW
3x400V or 480V + ground
Output: between 200VDC to 500VDC
Galvanic insulation: input/output : 5200 VDC
Electronic protection: overload, short-circuit, overheat, output overvoltage, input default, reverse polarity.
Protection level: IP54
Ambient temp.: -20°C to 45°C with 90% moisture
Cooling: by air, without filter
Communication protocol: Via OCPP
Access & identification: by RFID
IEC61851-1 / IEC61851-23
                        UL2202 & UL2231 (wallbox only)






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