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World leading company in high frequency power switching technology and small form factor design expertise

The Company has built up a very skilled power electronics engineering and software team, which has developed the core high frequency power switching technology and the design capability for both fan and water cooling, small form factors and harsh waterproof environments.

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 This corporate culture has enabled IES to offer our clients continually higher-performance solutions with very competitive pricing. Our technical services account for 40% of the company’s overall staff. These motivated people are experienced engineers and technicians in power electronics and software application development.
With a constant eye on technological evolution in electronic components and the latest innovations in related production materials, our technical team creates and produces new electronic schematics to achieve even higher power conversion efficiency and reliability.
A very important point is the fact that all of our chargers adapted to the Electric Cars Industry are compliant with the most recent worldwide standards made by automotive OEM’s: Combo1, Combo2, CHAdeMO & GB.


Mastering the industrial processes

The whole IES team is focused on a single corporate goal: bringing together the human resources and experience of all our departments to provide you with products that offer best-in-class performance, extreme robustness, and extremely competitive pricing, all the while ensuring long-term continuity of the high quality that has established our reputation in the market.

Our purchasing department works hand-in-hand with our research department as soon as preliminary work begins on your project, seeking and offering our technical teams the best possible components at the best prices.

IES has established long-term partnerships with a range of carefully chosen international suppliers, for the most part based in southeast Asia. Detailed auditing is carried out on a regular basis as part of our quality control program.
IES is entirely responsible for purchasing, including for outsourcing electronic cards and parts used for the manufacturing of our chargers. This enables us to manage our production capacity with incredible flexibility.We guarantee that only those components that are approved directly by the IES development team, and which are subject to intensive testing, are used in manufacturing. In turn, this gives you the guarantee of consistent quality.IES also develops its own test benches, calibration and programming tools, final testing and burn-in tools. This same equipment is then set-up at our partner sites. For IES, customer satisfaction is not just a concept. It is a parameter that we measure with our Quality system. It is our absolute priority.

IES produces today more than 60,000 chargers per year.




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