The KEYWATT Technology


Coming from 25 years of experience in DC charging solutions, The IES KEYWATT technology has permanently evolved to offer the best performances on the market.

Built from the long exposure into the industrial battery charger market, where compactness, reliability and quality are key, the KEYWATT technology has been drafted to provide 6 Core Highest Values. Based on an unique design without air filter, the KEYWATT technology reaches unprecedented levels of life time and reliability on the field. Recognized by many leading companies in the world, more than 3,500 KEYWATT chargers are in operation today.

Keywatt history

Keywatt 6H


The Company has filed two international patents granted on fan cooling and mechanical design, and four patents in application relating to the design of on-board and external fast chargers for the EV market.

The Company’s high frequency switching technology is applicable for a variety of applications, including forthcoming ones associating solar inverters and V2G (vehicle‐to-grid).





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