Partners of the 7th Annual Charge Point Symposium


“IES is pleased to become partner of Nice EV Charge Point Symposium. Highly involved around the development of charging solutions, we believe that the adoption of electric vehicle has to go through suitable sizing in charging infrastructure network. In order to enable the charging of vehicle for those with no access to private parking, (more than 35% of households in France), 50% in major cities, and 72 percent in Paris, the availability of support points  in urban areas has become a crucial element.  IES has recently developed new charging stations, providing universal, compact and economic solutions in an attempt to address this issue. Designed to charge in 1 hour on average for all vehicles on the market, they will allow a charge in minimal time, while we shop, we go to the restaurant that we park in cities all at optimized cost. Through EV Charge Point Symposium in Nice, we want to raise the industry’s awareness on this topic and participate in discussions around these new ideas.”

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Posted on Monday 26 February 2018




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