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Discover our range of industrial on-board and external DC chargers for EVs




External DC fast chargers (+)

Wallbox Single Standard

IES Bandeau WallboxSingleStandard 24kW DC Wallbox with one output, perfect for car makers, utility and fleet (+)

Wallbox Multi Standard

Bandeau WallboxMultiStandard 24kW DC Wallbox with three outputs, perfect for destination and shared buildings (+)

Mobile DC Fast Chargers

Bandeau trolley DC fast charging mobile solutions, ideal for car makers and dealerships (+)

Charging Station for ebus

50 kW ebus noémie_Plan de travail 1 A powerful and versatile charging station for bus depots (+)

Charger Module

IES Bandeau ChargerModule A stackable charging module for integration into public stations & superchargers (+)

On-board chargers (+)

ELIPS 720-1500W

Etanche ELIPS sealed chargers perfect for use in harsh environments. (+)

ELIPS 2000 W

Elips 2000 A battery charger with embedded DC/DC 360W converter, devoted to small electric vehicles (+)

ELIPS 3000 W

Helips The ELIPS 3000 is specially designed for all light electric vehicles (+)


Charis plus The newest generation of the famous CHARIS chargers, with more and more features (+)

Services (+)

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