External DC fast chargers

  IES Bandeau WallboxSingleStandard
Discover our full range of DC external chargers, from 19 to 100kW

Either in mobile format, wallbox, fixed  station or charging modules, discover our full range of KEYWATT chargers.


Wallbox Single Standard

IES Bandeau WallboxSingleStandard 24kW DC Wallbox with one output, perfect for car makers, utility and fleet (+)

Wallbox Multi Standard

Bandeau WallboxMultiStandard 24kW DC Wallbox with three outputs, perfect for destination and shared buildings (+)

Mobile DC Fast Chargers

Bandeau trolley DC fast charging mobile solutions, ideal for car makers and dealerships (+)

Charging Station for ebus

50 kW ebus noémie_Plan de travail 1 A powerful and versatile charging station for bus depots (+)

Charger Module

IES Bandeau ChargerModule A stackable charging module for integration into public stations & superchargers (+)
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