Charging Station for ebus

  IES Bandeau ChargingStationForEbus

A 2x50kW / 100kW Station specifically designed for eBus.

Adapted for depot charging, the new Bus Station from IES can deliver up to 100kW of power, either in one single output, or through two 50kW ones. Power can be managed in parallel mode, sequentially or cumulated to provide maximum flexibility. Thanks to reduced depth, installation on curbs is easy to optimize space in a depot. Maintenance is also reduced, thanks to the KeyWatt design without an air filter. Connected wirelessely via OCPP1.6 to a a centralized network, output power can be adjusted on-line for smart charging during the night. 

 Station pour bus

 Key Features:

  • Interoperable Combo2 station for eBuses
  • Narrow design for easy installation on curbs
  • 400V 3-phase AC input Connection
  • Wide voltage output range: 300V to 750V DC
  • Two outputs (parallel, cumulated or in sequence)
  • IP 54 for outdoor use
  • Low-maintenance cooling system without air filter
  • 7’’ Touch Screen Display
  • Retractable cable management system
  • Remote & smart power management via OCPP 1.6
  • Dual module for redundancy & service continuity


Appli bus

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