Charging Station for ebus

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A 50kW Station specifically designed for charging eBuses in depot.

With an optimized surface footprint, the new IES station for eBus has been designed for perfect use in depot environment (installation against walls, longitudinal or lateral configuration, adjustable cable outlet). Thanks to the KeyWatt design without air filter, maintenance needs are greatly reduced and service continuity optimized. Connected to a centralized network by wire or through air via OCPP1.6, the delivered output power can be adjusted on-line for smart charging. Three stations can be also coupled thanks to a paralleling kit, giving the possibility to charge at 150kW.

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 Key Features:

  • Interoperable Combo2 station for eBuses
  • Optimized low surface footprint for easy installation in depot
  • Compatible with installation against walls
  • Side installation version available as an option
  • Wide output voltage range: from 400V to 800V DC
  • IP55 for outside use
  • Low-maintenance cooling system without air filter
  • 7’’ Touch screen display,  LED & buttons optional
  • Retractable cable management system available as option
  • Remote & smart power management via OCPP 1.6
  • Door & front panel option for lateral installation
  • Three stations can be put in parallel for cumulated power of 150kW 


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