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  IES Bandeau ChargerModule

Stack 50 kw KeyWatt charger modules for your public charging stations and superchargers.

With their scalable and compact design, IES charger power modules are easy to integrate into DC fast charging stations for power up to 200kW. Based on the unique KeyWatt concept, they are designed around a smart heat management system, avoiding the need  for an external air filter. They come with all protocol charging interfaces compliant with Combo, CHAdeMO or GB standards, and can connect easily with  communication, user interface or RFID access cards. A paralelling kit, including a switching matrix & a centralized power management board, can be provided upon request for high power station designs (eg highway superchargers and bus terminal charging).


Key Features:

  • One piece design with standardized EV interfaces
  • Easy integration into public fast chargers
  • Modular concept for easy paralleling – up to 200kW
  • Easy to maintain
  • Integrated heat management system
  • Compatible with all protocols Combo 1/2, CHAdeMO, GB
  • Two voltage classes available (500V EV / 750V Bus)
  • Easy interface with HMI, RFID and OCPP data bus
  • Paralleling kit with switching matrix & controller cards

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