Mobile DC Fast Chargers

  Bandeau trolley

A complete line of mobile chargers specifically
designed for the electric vehicle market.

Easy to move, easy to connect, the Trolley and the Cube solutions are perfect for daily use in changing environments. Thanks to their Harting connector, their protocol cable can be changed in a matter of minutes, from Combo to CHAdeMO to GB interfaces. Built from years of experience, of IES mastering EV protocols, they provide a solid solution for testing new EV cars, in development, at car manufacturers. Dependable, they are also used to charge batteries at end of EV manufacturing lines. Easily connected to AC Mains without complex installation, they are also well suited for use at car dealerships and Service Centers.

 Cube trolley Hi Res

 Key Features:

  • 9,5kW or 19kW (Trolley) / 50kW (Cube) DC universal charger
  • Movable (on wheels)
  • All cables interchangeable via Harting connector
  • No installation required
  • Easy connection to power networks
  • 4 LEDs + VFD display for charge monitoring
  • Ethernet, USB and CAN connectors
  • Easy selection of EV charging protocol





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