Wallbox Single Standard

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Offering unique compact design, compatible with all protocols,
our 24kW wallbox provides the most universal and economic solution for quickly charging all electric vehicles on the market.

With its compact design, the KEYWATT wallbox can be installed in less than two hours, either on a wall or on a pedestal. Its rated 24kW output power will charge all EV cars typically in about one hour, via its Combo 1 or 2, CHAdeMO or GB output. Based on an unique design without air filter, the maintenance needs are greatly reduced. Adaptable thanks to its customizable front panel & user menu, it is an ideal solution for providing fast charging points at car dealerships, service centers, or for any utility vehicle or enterprise fleet. Connected wirelessly via OCPP1.6, upgrades, supervision and operation can be done remotely in a smart and optimized way.

 Wallbox Mono IES

Key Features:

  • Charges EV cars in less than 1 hour (typically)
  • Compact design for fast & economic installation
  • Low Power Subscription fee (eg 36kVA in France)   
  • Maintenance free cooling system without air filter
  • Compatible with all worldwide AC networks
  • Robust design for outdoor use (IP 54 / IK 10)
  • OCPP1.6 for Smart Charging
  • Front panel & user menu are customizable

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