Charis plus

You won’t find any smaller charger for your batteries!

CHARIS + chargers offer an evolution of our CHARIS 2 products, combining both performance and features while providing even greater reliability.
24V 1000W, barely 2 kg, for less than 1.5 liters!

What our HF CHARIS+ charger can do for you :

  • Recharge traction and semi-traction batteries rapidly (240 Ah in 8 hours)
  • Recharge high capacity batteries (320 Ah in 12 hours)



Protection against surges in mains power up to 350Vac

Most chargers available on the market are based on specifications to ensure operation with mains power surges up to 265Vac. However, in many cases, the power network may be subject to repeated surges that exceed the specified value, which can lead to charger failure or damage.

  • Use in heavy industry
  • Some motors and other industrial equipment can cause power disturbances
  • Ideal for countries in which the power network is inconsistent
  • Charger connected to an electricity generator

With these challenges in mind, IES developed and patented a new feature that makes it possible to protect the charger from mains power up to 350Vac RMS /600V peak. The Charis+ charger is equipped with this non-destructive protection mechanism. In case of a surge in mains power, the charger stops charging and waits for the voltage to return to an acceptable level before restarting.

Battery always available

The CHARIS+ charger even starts on batteries deeply discharged as low as 6VDC.

A charger built to last

  • Reverse polarity relay
  • 10A interlock relay (automobile type) to resist severe shocks and vibrations
  • Electronic current, voltage and thermal protection
  • Protection against surges and overcharging

Adapted to all battery technologies

The unit’s microcontroller stores up to 4 different charge curves that can, of course, be adapted to whatever batteries you may be using. Select curves easily with a rotating dial selector switch.

An adaptable solution

  • CANBUS compatible
  • Detachable power cord for easy replacement
  • Indicator lights on the charger casing or remote (external mount) LEDs



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