Our history - Our values

IES has become a leader in the electric charger market since 1992. Gambling on innovation to design a breakthrough product that proved a winning choice is behind this success.

In the IES summary history "timeline", key dates that confirm its pioneering role: IES helped develop charging protocol standards and created the Combo® standard. IES was the first to create an on-board charger for industrial lifting vehicles, the first to design an on-board charger for electric vehicles at the request of Renault, the first to equip the FIA Formula-e World Championship cars, the first to create a network of stations for BMW USA, the first to create charging stations, and more. This innovation track record is recognised worldwide and IES is firmly established in America, Europe and now China with an equal joint venture with the Wanma Group. This innovative ability has been supplemented over time by manufacturing resources that make IES an independent manufacturer, with production units in China, Morocco and Tunisia and an R&D department in the South of France. IES is currently rolling out Keywatt® solutions on a large scale for all forms of electromobility. The IES DNA is based on this ability to manage the entire value chain.

A committed company

IES has always advocated a vision of a cleaner, durable world, where fossil resources stay where they belong - underground. We have long been convinced that electromobility based on rapid charging solutions is the most functional, safest and most sustainable of all possible alternatives. We also know that a new era is dawning, where artificial intelligence and smart cities will unimaginably simplify this electromobility, with efficient management of energy resources.

IES has prepared a commitment charter shared with all of its employees and suppliers

  1. We limit our environmental impact through waste management (chemical, electrical, cardboard, paper and plastic). To do this, we raise the awareness of our entire staff in sorting waste for pick up by specific waste processing organisations as well as through managing water and power consumption.
  2. We monitor consumption and raise employee awareness on a daily basis.
  3. We manage energy sustainably: electricity is the ONLY energy source used by IES (for its activities, lighting, domestic equipment such as fridges and microwaves and for heating premises and water).
  4. We do not emit CO2 directly as we do not produce any electricity. In addition, we do not use fossil fuels (coal, fuel oil, natural gas). We have no need of oil or fuel combustion to manufacture our products.
  5. Some of the electricity is reinjected into our internal electric network (through active charging), making it possible for us to limit our electrical consumption.
  6. We advocate ethical behaviour for all of our employees throughout their career
  7. We raise the awareness of our staff on corporate interpersonal skills as well as all of the risks to which they are exposed
  8. We advocate innovation and excellence and encourage our employees to express their ambitions and prospects for advancement through opportunities for training and career changes.