Fast Charging stations: beautiful outlook for IES Synergy in 2021

Publié le : 09/02/2021

The French company, IES Synergy, designer and manufacturer of charging solutions, ended 2020 by passing the milestone of the millionth on-board charger (for industrial vehicles and small electric cars) and the 10,000 fast charging stations delivered. During December, the company was also selected among the 151 winning automotive projects under the “France Relance” plan.

From 2021, IES Synergy intends to accelerate the development of its new generation of fast charging stations, Keywatt® G4 with more intelligent and modular products.

2020 RESULT: an operational reorganization to respond to new perspectives in the electric vehicle market and fast charging stations

The year 2020 has forced companies to reinvent themselves both in their ways of working and in the way they address the markets. In this context, IES Synergy has taken advantage of recent months to focus on the development of its new products with the launch of 2 new fast charging stations (car and bus) and a new version of its intelligent load management software. The company has also strengthened its sales force in Europe and consolidated its commercial links with leading partners in France and Europe in order to be able to offer a turnkey offer on a B2B market.

At the same time, IES Synergy, which masters 100% of the technological (from software to mechanics, including power module) at

 the heart of fast charging stations, has finalized a 3-year development plan in conjunction with the European recovery plans announced by lost of governments. As part of these recovery plans, IES Synergy was awarded a grant of 3.4 million euros for its I2RVE project in December 2020 by the French government.

fast charging station keywatt wallbox 24 kW


Beyond the strong support of the French state, the year 2021 looks promising. The I2RVE project is based on taking into account the expectations of market players, namely: the development of new scalable technological bricks while following changes in European standards and decrees.

Thus, the new Keywatt® G4 charging stations will offer a power range from 30 to 360 kW and a vehicle voltage range up to 1,000 volts. The investment in R&D will focus on a very innovative design of these new KEYWATT fast charging stations which are more economical, modular, versatile, and very efficient.

Moreover, so that electromobility becomes a sustainable solution to environmental problems and not a temporary alternative, the French company is working at the same time to improve the durability, maintainability, eco-design, and recycling of the materials making up its charging stations.

“Our teams work together every day to provide charging solutions that will contribute to the democratization of electromobility. This grant will enable us to accelerate our development and the industrialization of a new generation of fast charging stations in order to meet the needs of a very fast growing international market, ”indicates Jean-Michel CORNILLE, IES Synergy President.

AN AMBITIOUS 3-YEAR PROJECT: Accelerate, invest and strengthen

“This state support will allow us from 2021 to accelerate our innovation, increase our means of production, and recruit more than 15 new talents,” continues Jean-Michel CORNILLE.

Already recognized in the fast charging market, IES Synergy aims to consolidate its position by accelerating the development and industrialization of its new range of 4th generation charging stations. Planned in highly modular and flexible configurations, they will charge all electric vehicles – current and future – and carry out all future fast-charging applications, in cities and corridors.

The development and industrialization project of the Keywatt® G4 range involves heavy investments, of more than 10 million euros, in human resources and R&D and production test environment.

“This new generation of products, as well as the increase in our production capacity, will allow us on the one hand to best serve the European recovery plans and the target of increase of charging points. And on the other hand, to strengthen our international leadership with French technologies, “concludes Jean-Michel CORNILLE.

IES Synergy projects growth of 30% on the sale of its fast charging stations to communities, dealers, corporate fleets, restaurants, public transport and shopping centres.

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