Every IES innovation is the fruit of in-house research and development. Sixty enthusiasts contribute to this every day.

A disruptive idea is always needed to invent tomorrow’s mobility solutions. Looking at the problem from a new angle, defining the appropriate technical solutions, designing the product, developing the power electronics that will make it work and also the perfect communication with the vehicles, regardless of type, the seamless interface with the operator network and ergonomics matching the wishes of the end users. IES used this equation to invent the Keywatt® technology, with future models still emerging. Because this technology has no limits and its current uses are merely the early stages of new applications. And by remote updates with no physical intervention, it remains permanently at the cutting edge of market developments.

The “6H” line, guaranteed sustainability and efficiency

This line defines and guides the IES research and development. Over the years, the IES expertise has added new requirements, culminating in today’s “6H”. High yield, high compactness, high quality, high reliability, high connectivity, high upgradeability. All fundamental ingredients that nourish the IES development teams every day.


Through its R&D, IES was able, for example, to develop a partnership with Schneider Electric and the CEA (French Atomic Energy Commission) to design in under a year a domestic charger capable of powering a car or any household equipment, or sending current to the grid. This smart home is already in operation in Grenoble, France. IES holds six international patents, the fruit of the work by its employees.