Chargeur embarqué Renault Twizy

Applications for

Light and industrial vehicles

IES on-board chargers offer an efficient solution to all light electric vehicle and industrial equipment manufacturers, including for handling trucks and lifting cradles: compact and lightweight, they withstand all environments, even the most severe!

“Off-road” chargers

Today, IES also offers robust, proven solutions for equipping new types of light vehicle appearing in our towns for easier mobility. Dust- and liquid-proof, whether or not aggressive, and vibration-resistant, IES on-board chargers are compact, powerful and reliable and therefore all designs are possible.

Wide range for all uses

Available in a 720 W to 3000 W power range, the IES chargers can accommodate all types of battery and withstand overvoltages and irregular networks.

Communicating chargers

Connected through their CAN interface, IES chargers are totally at home in car and industrial systems. Their parameters can be set in line with different configurations and types of battery.

IES x Twizy

In 2011, Renault revolutionised the approach to the light electric vehicle by launching Twizy, the first mainstream light vehicle marketed by a major manufacturer. IES took up the challenge by developing a specific charger meeting the highest car requirements and used in all the Twizy.

Chargeur embarqué Renault Twizy

IES solutions

ELIPS 720-1500W

  • Compatible with all existing protocols
  • Charges all electric vehicles in an hour
  • Installed on a wall or pedestal in under two hours
  • Less maintenance as no filter
  • Customisable via the colours on its front panel and its menu
  • Remote real time updates, supervision and adjustment of Wallbox Keywatt® parameters.
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  • Electronics protected from outside attacks (water, dust, etc.)
  • Designed to withstand the most severe shocks
  • CANBUS communicating charger
  • Built-in 360 Watts power converter with 12 volt output.
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  • Protected from outside attacks (water, dust, etc.)
  • Withstands the most severe shocks
  • CANBUS communicating
  • R10-qualified, meeting the latest car standards.
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  • Use in heavy industry
  • Some motors or other industrial equipment can create mains disturbances
  • Countries in which the network is irregular
  • Charger connected to a generator set.
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