Mobile chargers

No charging stations anywhere? Here is the solution! The Keywatt® mobile chargers adapt to all professional situations with no need for electrical installation.

Chargers at the heart of the action

Fitted on casters and plugging into a simple three-phase socket, the IES mobile chargers are always ready to go – all you have to do is plug them in. No costly installation, no need for cumbersome infrastructure.

Chargers compatible with all standards

Nothing is simpler than changing the charging protocol with the Clip&Charge® system. Change the output cable and its protocol in under two minutes, be it in Combo 1, Combo 2, CHAdeMO or GB. Charging any kind of vehicle guaranteed.

Compact and powerful

With a power of 50 kW the Keywatt® Cube is perfect for adapting to different configurations and charging requirements.


With their Ethernet, USB or CAN ports, you can control the charging parameters at all times and maintain good communication between vehicle and charger. Large numbers of car manufacturers use the IES chargers to help them in testing and finalising their new vehicles.

Go, go, go!

When the International Automobile Federation (FIA) launched the first World Championship for electric cars, it turned to IES to design the chargers that supply the single-seater Formula-e cars. IES has been fully part of the action at each Grand Prix in the last four seasons, by lining up all competitors at each session on the starting grid, fully charged and ready to take flight.

Voiture Formula E


Keywatt® Cube

  • Rapid charging

  • Easy installation

  • Cost-saving subscription

  • Without air filter

  • Smart power

  • Wheeled mobile DC universal charger
  • Power 50 kW
  • No installation required
  • Easy to connect to energy networks
  • Interchangeable output cable (CCS, CHAdeMO or GB)
  • 4 LED + display for charge control
  • Ethernet, USB and CAN connectors