IES Synergy strengthens its governance appointing Jérôme ARNAUD as Deputy General Manager

Jérôme ARNAUD joins IES Synergy as Deputy General Manager. Jérôme’s mission is to support the French group in its hyper growth  and international development strategy in a context of and inside the booming EV charging infrastructure market.

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SUCCESS STORY - IES Synergy celebrates its 30th anniversary and accelerates in European electromobility

With a constantly growing turnover (+70% in 2022 on charging stations) and an order book for charging stations which jumped by +117% compared to last year, IES SYNERGY stands out as the one of the world leaders in electromobility.

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Round table at EVS35: Mobena on the front line for interoperable Plug&Charge

“Plug & Charge for a better user experience”. Mobena 20 partners to ensure interoperability and drive the PnC revolution.

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TSG and IES Synergy are partnering to deliver global solutions for charging networks and ensure service excellence to their customers.

TSG, the European Leader in technical services for responsible mobility solutions is pleased to partner with IES Synergy, EV chargers designer, manufacturer and Pioneer of the green mobility, to distribute its complete offer of fast charging stations, from 24 to 50 kW DC

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Commissioning and operation of charging station parks facilitated by our new software suite

Today we offer a complete software suite. From the on-board system for managing the load to the configuration of charging stations in the factory or on site, this suite facilitates the installation, commissioning and operation of charging station parks

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NEWS QUEBEC - New partnership with Bectrol to recharge snowmobiles

In 2021, our KEYWATT 24 Wallbox won over a new type of customer: a manufacturer of electric snowmobiles Taiga Motors in Quebec.

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MOBENA PROJECT - The Electromobility players get together to ensure a successful deployment of the new charging services

The Mobena project was launched in September 2021 for two years. It brings together players from all the electric mobility value chain in France.

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Do you know the difference between AC and DC charging?

Electric vehicles have access to 2 types of charging stations: AC alternating current stations and DC direct current stations.

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Electric buses: where are we?

Present in our cities for many years, electric buses are only at the beginning of their expansion.

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