Our commitments

As a stakeholder highly involved in energy transition, IES has since its beginnings advocated a vision of a cleaner, longer-lasting and more sustainable world, in which humanity plays a central role.

Commit for the climate and the environment

We have long been convinced that of all the alternatives, electromobility based on rapid charging solutions is an essential factor in combating climate disruption. Offering new cost-saving, efficient charging solutions to potential users is key in pushing the largest number possible towards moving to an electric vehicle.
Since its beginnings, IES has actively contributed to electrifying our means of transport, be this actually in the vehicles in the industrial market, by helping to develop new solutions for car manufacturers, or by making it easier for operators, communities and retailers to provide charging stations in public spaces.
We have also committed to concrete actions to reduce our industrial impact due to concerns over the footprint of our activities. These include, for example, an optimised waste management policy in conjunction with local players, active charging in our developments so that electric power is recycled into the network and making electric vehicles available to our employees.
To date, over one billion tonnes of CO² avoided for the planet thanks to the IES activity since its creation.

Act as a responsible employer

Given our belief that our development is due first and foremost to human factors, many means have been introduced to encourage the personal development of our employees. Through satisfaction surveys, annual individual interviews, an active training policy, working groups on our shared values and a safe, pleasant working environment, we encourage all initiatives that encourage our employees to express their full potential. Our recruitment policy promotes diversity, a source of wealth in developing our business.

The index of equal pay for women / men of IES Synergy is 84/100.

Develop a responsible purchasing policy

Ethics also take centre spot in our priorities and our practices. A code of conduct shared with all our employees, sub-contractors and service providers is our benchmark, for business practices that respect human rights and the environment.
We are aware that all activity forms part of a value chain and we urge our suppliers to adopt practices also founded on this same awareness and commitment to responsible, ethical and sustainable development. We use audits, questionnaires and indicator monitoring for regular checks on compliance with these essential values.

Our commitments :