Applications for

Shopping centres and car parks

Gain customer loyalty by offering them rapid charging in all circumstances. A new development focus for your company. Offer that their vehicle be charged whilst they shop in your store, park in your car park or lunch in your restaurant.

New customers

Nothing is worth more in attracting new customers than offering new services. Just one hour on average is needed at a Keywatt® station to charge the battery of any vehicle in the marketplace at 80%, regardless of the optimum charging level on a daily basis. And why not reward your customers with free charging with a simple loyalty card with RFID tag. There is nothing better to generate new business.

Simple and cost-saving

The Keywatt® station connects directly to your electricity meter without modification, at the normal electricity supplier tariff. And that makes all the difference in comparison with other charging solutions where the entire power installation has to be changed and which will be three times more expensive to purchase on average!

A unique design making life easier

The IES stations are virtually servicing-free thanks to their patented sealed design. Their dual modem connects and updates them all remotely in real time, thereby upgrading them constantly.

You provide a new service and attract new customers, it is as simple as that.

Did you know?

The French take 1 hour and 12 minutes on average to do their shopping. This is the ideal time for charging your vehicle’s battery with the IES wallbox!

IES solution

Wallbox Multi-Standard

  • Rapid charging

  • Charging all electrical vehicles at 22/24 kW

  • Three times cheaper than a 50 kW station

  • Without air filter

  • Smart power

  • Compatible with all existing protocols
  • Charges all electric vehicles in an hour
  • Installed on a wall or pedestal in under two hours
  • Less maintenance as no filter
  • Customisable via the colours on its front panel and its menu
  • Remote real time updates, supervision and adjustment of Wallbox Keywatt® parameters.
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