SUCCESS STORY - IES Synergy celebrates its 30th anniversary and accelerates in European electromobility

Publié le : 10/10/2022

With a constantly growing turnover (+70% in 2022 on charging stations) and an order book for charging stations which jumped by +117% compared to last year, IES SYNERGY stands out as the one of the world leaders in electromobility. A pioneer in the field, the French company offers smart charging solutions for electric vehicles. For its 30th anniversary, IES SYNERGY is launching a 4th generation of fast charging stations for all types of electric vehicles (trucks, buses, utilities, cars, etc.). The company thus wishes to breathe new life into the European market by offering a tool to make electromobility more suited to the needs of users while being simple to deploy for operators.


Created in 1992 in Montpellier, IES SYNERGY is an international player in sustainable mobility. A pioneer in the field of electromobility, the company imagines, designs and assembles advanced charging solutions for electric vehicles. The recipe for its success? Made in Europe innovation. Indeed, from its design office based in the South of France, its 80 engineers and technicians design 100% of the technological bricks of the fast-charging stations marketed by the brand, from the software to the mechanics through the electronics.

This capacity for innovation and mastery of technologies is complemented by particular attention paid to market developments. Thus, faced with a share of electric vehicles that is constantly growing all over the world, IES SYNERGY designs solutions capable of meeting the current and future needs of the various players working on a charging station (users, maintainers, operators, etc.). For this, its products are intelligent, innovative and adaptable over time. The company currently covers more than a quarter of the French fast charging fleet. By working with operators specializing in the deployment and operation of charging networks, local authorities, large companies, shopping centres or even energy companies, IES SYNERGY helps to densify the network of charging stations in the territories and to allow sustainable investments. The company thus promotes everyday electromobility in urban, peri-urban, or rural areas, but also over long distances.

With a constantly growing turnover (+70% in 2022 on charging stations), IES SYNERGY has hired 14 employees since last January and is currently pursuing a vast recruitment plan in France, but also in its various branches in Europe, in the United States and in Asia, with the objective of recruiting 40 new talents by the end of the year.


Winner of the “France Relance” plan in December 2020, IES SYNERGY received state support of €3.4 million to accelerate the development and industrialization of its new range of fast charging stations for electric vehicles. Supplemented by twice this equity subsidy, these investments have enabled the IES SYNERGY teams to design a new generation of charging stations.

The first product in the range to benefit from this new platform is the KEYWATT® S180 charging station, which is intended to be modular and adaptable to the needs of current and future users. With a power of 180 kW, it will quickly and simultaneously charge two electric vehicles (2×90 kW) regardless of the type (light vehicle, utility, truck, bus).

Entirely designed and manufactured in France, the KEYWATT® S180 station will be available for sale in 2023 on the European market. A second phase of development will then take place to reach the American and Asian markets. With this new universal charging station, IES SYNERGY wishes to develop its partnerships and thus participate in the equipment of motorway rest areas, bus depots or even retail car parks to develop electromobility in Europe at through its network of partners.

The KEYWATT® S180 is presented for the first time at the eMove 360 ​​exhibition in Berlin, this October 5, 2022. Nouvelle borne ultra-rapide KEYWATT S180 présentée à eMove 360