Commissioning and operation of charging station parks facilitated by our new software suite

Publié le : 11/02/2022

A pioneer in the design of charging stations for electric vehicles, the French company IES Synergy has acquired technological know-how over the past 30 years. This allows it today to offer a complete software suite. From the on-board system for managing the load to the configuration of charging stations in the factory or on site, this suite facilitates the installation, commissioning and operation of charging station parks


In order to offer smart stations that are easy to use on a daily basis, IES Synergy develops in-house embedded software supporting all the essential functionalities defined by the Open Charge Alliance (OCA) consortium, which oversees the public charging ecosystem. The following features are thus integrated into the IES Synergy charging stations: the reservation of charging slots, the remote start/stop of charging as well as the Smart Charging option, and this natively from any third-party OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) supervision software. This last option, Smart Charging, makes it possible to control the power delivered to the vehicle to optimize the energy impact of the charging station in its environment (network, connection, local subscription, energy consumption or production of the building to which it is attached).

Additional advanced services offered by some IES Synergy charger variants are electronic payment terminals that accept bank cards or Autocharge for buses and private car parks. This feature authenticates a vehicle by simply connecting to the station. It is preparing for the arrival of Plug-and-charge, which will facilitate the paid charging experience, particularly on the road.

« Thanks to its mastery of technology embedded in charging stations, IES Synergy is now able to offer additional software for personalizing and configuring stations. Intuitive and practical, these two software programs meet a real growing operational need, » explains Jean-Michel Cornille, CEO of IES Synergy. « In all the markets we are targeting, the electrification of mobility continues to intensify. The need for infrastructures that can be quickly and easily operational at the agreed level of service is more relevant than ever. These new tools simplify commissioning and the upgrades requested by our customers while simplifying our manufacturing processes. This results in a reduction in our delivery times and in the total time required to commission our charging stations. »


With a view to guaranteeing the availability of charging stations and in order to ensure a high level of service expected by end users, the ecosystem for recharging electric vehicles is structured around operators having access to different supervision systems for the remote park management. This is why IES Synergy has opted for a free configuration of its stations, so that they can be associated with more than 65 supervision systems around the world via the OCPP protocol. This open protocol allows IES Synergy charging stations to respond to a multitude of players in charge of operating charging stations all over the world.

To support this strategy at the heart of an ecosystem that is constantly evolving, IES Synergy has developed 2 in-house software for customizing charging stations directly in the factory or simplifying their configuration during installation.

Toolbox : For factory pre-configuration

With Toolbox, the delivery of Plug & Play charging stations is guaranteed for quick and simple installation at lower cost. Available since beginning of this year, Toolbox is a free and complete tool, with some paid customization options. Accessible from a web browser throughout the manufacturing process, it allows real-time monitoring of the progress of station orders and personalization of the parameters as they occur before delivery. For this, the customer is notified by email at each stage of configuration of the stations ordered

Beneficial for customers placing large and recurring or one-off orders, this tailor-made configuration tool offers real time savings. The parameters entered are pre-validated, the SIM card configured and the proper functioning of each station checked to ensure that it is perfectly operational upon receipt and ready to be installed in a simple and cost-effective way.

Intools : To configure or reconfigure the charging stations at any time

Embedded in all the charging stations of the KEYWATT range, the Intools software allows configuration of the product directly in the field.

From an internet browser or by connecting directly to the station, it provides access to all the parameters of the charging station (GSM network, load profile, maximum power, admissible current, desired use, user configuration, etc.).

This tool also allows autonomous administration of IES Synergy chargers, without requiring a supervision system, perfectly suited to the needs of small structures. The recharge can then be activated by a badge principle to identify the user. Particularly appreciated by customers, this tool is intuitive and easy to use.

« These two complementary tools make it possible to configure the charging station on site (Intools) or even proactively in direct contact with the factory before finalizing the product (Toolbox). In this way, the stations are delivered quickly and ready to be put into service. Where Intools simplifies the configuration for connection to the supervision system, Toolbox also guarantees the proper functioning of the station during its installation, thus simplifying the daily life of our customers. This is another step towards more customization, towards a more industrial and differentiating approach,» concludes Jean-Michel Cornille.

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